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New 400ml Outdoor Gel Freezer Ice Blocks Wave Reusable Cool Cooler Pack Bag Water Injection Picnic Travel Drink Box Storage

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • On the car: It can be used as a car refrigerator, and you can enjoy fresh, delicious, cold and delicious drinks and food anytime, anywhere.
  • Outdoor: It is used to save cool food during camping, picnic barbecue, fishing and long-distance travel.
  • Household: Maintain low temperature when the refrigerator is powered off, food preservation, and iced beverages.
  • Transportation: It is used for the refrigerated transportation of various medicines, plasma, vaccines, seafood, and fresh-keeping food for foreign trade.
  • Breast milk preservation

Product Details

100% brand new, high quality

Material: Sodium polyacrylate
color: blue
Type: 400ml
Size: 165 * 87 * 35mm

After 10-12 hours of freezing in the refrigerator, take it out and put it in an insulated container together with the items that need to be refrigerated. It can be frozen and thawed repeatedly, and can be used indefinitely.

1. This product cannot be heated. It can be cleaned with household cleaning agents and not with dishwashers.
2. Do not subject this product to deformation or damage due to heavy pressure

Quality first, provide the best service. Customers are our friends.
Stylish design, 100% brand new and high quality!

1. For photos, please allow a slight color difference
2. Due to manual measurement, the size may be different
Package Included:
1pcs ice pack

ice box-3.jpg

ice box-2.jpg

ice box-6.jpg

ice box-9.jpg


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